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5 Important Reasons to Tune in to Your Local Radio

                                          support local radio

This article is dedicated to Toronto’s very own, whose station manager/program director, Ken Stowar, has believed in the potential of Artists For Change, ever since it was just a seed of an idea :)  Thank you for your continued support and encouragement. CIUT recently celebrated its 29th anniversary. Happy 29th CIUT! And here’s to many more!


Local community radio stations make us richer by supporting the real economy, where real money is made to circulate and benefit hard-working people like you and me.

Your local radio:

  1. Empowers the community -Radio broadcasting is a powerful tool for communication. It gives community members the opportunity to produce and broadcast their own programs that correspond to the population it serves. This includes programs that allow voices to be heard, voices that are usually ignored in the mainstream media. Hearing locals on the radio often empowers the listeners, giving them a chance to be well-informed and thus gain access to the right tools, and be able to participate in finding solutions for local issues.

  2. Offers an outlet for diverse music to its diverse members -This outlet gives independent artists a chance for their original music to be heard on radio. If people are looking to support local talent or just plain want to get away from the repetitive top 40 songs, then they should tune in to their local radio station. Moreover, these stations provide programs in various languages, doing their best to ensure that there is always something for everyone!

  3. Improves livelihood -A study was published by Fields Actions Science Reports, which closely looked at the role of community radio in livelihood improvement, particularly in a small town called Simli in Ghana. Here is part of the abstract:
    Data were gathered on the use of broadcasting as an educational tool, the promotion of traditional culture, communication and information sharing, entertainment and income promotion. The study established that Simli Radio has worked to improve awareness and knowledge of solutions to community development problems ranging from culture, rural development, education, hygiene and sanitation, agriculture to local governance. The station has been an appropriate medium that has facilitated an interface between duty bearers and rights holders. It has promoted small and medium enterprise development by creating market opportunities for Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) operators and consequently improved sales and incomes.

  5. Provides valuable work experience for the youth -All stations welcome volunteers who get involved in various tasks including being on the mic and presenting. According to Ofcom, volunteers contribute more than 2 million hours per year to community radio, giving people, especially the youth, valuable work experience which enriches their professional development. Community Radio Fund of Canada has recognized this and is offering a program called Youth On Air, which is geared towards campus and community radios interested in working with young Canadians in search of training, education and mentorship opportunities.

  7. Looks out for your best interest -Since community radio stations are non-profit and are largely funded by community members, they look out for your best interest. The content they provide you with are independent from the influence of big corporations who usually have hidden agendas. Your local community radio station keeps you safe from that, all the while ensuring that you get the best entertainment and most pertinent information that they have to share with their most valued listeners.


    Of course, the above mentions just five of the many benefits of your local radio, as there exists a lot more.  So, what are you waiting for?  Tune in to your local radio station now!