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What We Do

Artists for Change (AfC) is, first and foremost, a music store which offers music lovers original music from independent artists of various genres. It is the first of its kind to offer independent artists and music lovers an invitation to change the system by establishing a more efficient one. What better way to change the world than through music?

AfC aims to help change the neoliberalist system that is currently failing the economy, the environment, and the world in general. We do this by helping establish Constructive Capitalism in order to combat the destructive one that we are presently under.

We are currently dedicated to helping environmental non-profit organization David Suzuki Foundation, independent community radio station CIUT.FM, arts and cultural centre Kapisanan, and humanitarian NGO Children's Rehabilitation Center. We aim to be able to help more organizations in the future.

Here is a comprehensive list of what we do:

Meaningful Publicity:

One of the visible ways that AfC establishes this new system is by applying a new form of advertisement where we make meaningful actions as a way to promote our products, thus we call it Meaningful Publicity.

In actuality, billions of dollars around the world are being spent on publicity and advertisements, mostly on dishonest methods that deceive consumers into believing a product is worth purchasing, while your personal information gets sold through social media. To counter this, AfC offers a new way of advertising where we would rather invest in organizations that make a difference in the community, therefore get attention in a positive way, rather than a useless way like spending unnecessary amounts on aggressive techniques that most companies are currently using.

We hope to set a new standard with Meaningful Publicity and pave the way for more companies to use this method, so that when investing in commercials and advertisements, investments are also made in organizations that are making a positive difference in the world.

Meaningful Publicity also encourages consumers to be more conscious in what type of companies they are supporting. We strongly believe that new shopping habits is one sure way to combat the current system. The more we purchase products from ethical companies that respect the people and its environment, the more we will have such companies exist and ultimately replace the ones that are cheating their customers, abusing their employees and destroying the planet.

Click here for more information on which organizations are benefiting from our Meaningful Publicity.

Respect the Artists:

-50% to 62.5% of the purchase price goes directly to the artists; the rest are invested in AfC functions, where we especially promote artists via Meaningful Publicity

-They keep all the rights to their music.

-They are free to sell their music at other sites.

Establish an Appropriate Price in the Digital Music World:

Carefully reviewed in order to properly correspond with digital downloading and lower cost of production, we offer competitive prices that people can afford:

-Purchase price per semi-album (at least 6 tracks): $3.00

-Purchase price per regular album (at least 10 tracks): $ 6.00

-Purchase price per full album (at least 16 tracks): $8.00

Promote Albums Over Singles:  We are bringing back the nostalgia of owning music albums and fully discovering the universe that the artists intend to share through their music, by selling/promoting albums over singles.

Establish a fair system called Constructive Capitalism

Influence the Economy with a Modern Approach to Distribution of Net Profits:

-After having paid the artists their shares and all the necessary fees to run the website, our company is left with what is called Net Profits-- From this:

-75% are invested in social and humanitarian organizations (please click here –insert link- to see which organizations we are currently supporting)

-The remaining 25% of profits will be divided equally among all members of the AFC staff and management as well as its investors. AfC considers that all members of the company are equally important in its success.

-The distribution of AFC net profits is written in the official business articles that are registered in Corporations Canada.

Respect for Employees:  Asides sharing company net profits with our staff, we have established a maximum salary ratio of 1:4 between employees and directors, which means that the directors can earn no higher than 4 times the lowest wage in the company; and the more a director earns, the lowest wage should also increase accordingly.

Partnerships with Organizations/ Associations:   We invest in organizations/associations who are active in making a difference in their communities and ultimately the world. We offer them a new source of funding via our Meaningful Publicity.

Enriching Culture for All:  AfC investments aim to establish a modern role for culture. With the power of music, its economic, social and humanitarian involvements will place the culture at the heart of our societies.