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Music Makes a Difference

Artists for Change (AfC) is an online music store that abides by the fair rules of Constructive Capitalism. It is the first of its kind to offer independent artists and music lovers an invitation to change the system by establishing a more efficient one. What better way to change the world than through music?

Through music, AfC endeavours to help change the neoliberalist system that is currently failing the economy, the environment, and the world in general. We do this by helping establish Constructive Capitalism in order to combat the destructive one that we are presently under.

One of the visible ways that AfC establishes this new system is by applying a new form of advertisement where we make meaningful actions as a way to promote our products, thus we call it Meaningful Publicity.

With Meaningful Publicity, we put an emphasis on making a difference in the community, in the hopes of inspiring consumers to be more conscious of the way they shop.

We strongly believe that new shopping habits is one sure way to combat the current system. The more we purchase products from ethical companies that respect the people and its environment, the more we will have such companies exist and ultimately replace the ones that are cheating their customers, abusing their employees and destroying the planet.

We offer music lovers albums of original music from independent artists who care about making a difference.

We are proud to be able to offer this platform to ALL independent artists of ALL genres. If you are an independent artist/band with at least one album, we more than welcome you to include your album(s) in our store front. Please see Independent Artists for more information.

AfC is presently dedicated to helping environmental non-profit organization David Suzuki Foundation, independent community radio station CIUT.FM, arts and cultural centre Kapisanan, and humanitarian NGO Children's Rehabilitation Center. We hope to expand in the future and be able to help many more organizations.

Here at Artists for Change, music does make a difference!

For more information on each association, please click on their logo:


David Suzuki Foundation works to conserve our habitat and find solutions that will create a sustainable environment through science-based research, education and policy work.  AFC proudly supports DSF's role in preserving the environment.


CIUT.FM ciut logo new

CIUT is the only independent radio station left in Toronto.  It provides independent music and information access to airwaves.  AFC appreciates CIUT's role in exercising freedom of information as it strives to meet its diverse listener's needs.  An alternative to mainstream media, it gives independent artists a chance to diffuse their music as well as entertain its listeners with various talents that are not normally diffused in the mainstream media. 



Kapisanan creates a safe space for Filipino-Canadian youth, both second generation and newcomers, to overcome multiple barriers that prevent them from meaningful engagement in society. At Kapisanan, youth activate their creativity to explore identity, fostering pride and self-confidence, inspiring and empowering them to realize their full potential.




A non-government organization established in 1985.  CRC facilitates psycho-social help primarily for children victims/survivors of state violence and their families and secondarily for children victims of abuse. 

Find out more about this humanitarian action via our Special Album Project