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Who We Are

Artists for Change is a federal corporation registered in Ontario, Canada.


The Founders & their Mini - Biographies :
photo of Olivier Fersancourt

Olivier Fersancourt was born in Paris, France in the mid-70's. After studying architecture, he dedicated his time to his first love, which is music production. A few years later, he professionally taught architecture and design. Today, he continues leisure work on his music, while professionally teaching for the National Education in France. As his personal hobby, he independently studies geopolitics, sociology and economics. His passion and knowledge on these matters, along with his architectural background, facilitated the foundation for the Artists for Change concept; in imagining a more viable economy and carefully calculating how the systems, applied in our societies, can be linked together and evolve with the current times.

photo of Ji-an Manalo

Ji-an Manalo was born in Manila, Philippines. Her family migrated to Toronto, Canada in the late 80's. Fascinated by children’s keen sense of awareness, she pursued her undergraduate studies in Early Childhood Education, along with a minor in Public Administration. She successfully acquired her Bachelor of Arts degree in a field that has allowed her to explore human development, psychology and the social sciences, thus giving her an advantage in having a deeper understanding of human relations. Since the beginning of the new millennium, she has taught students of varying ages, from 3 to 18 years of age. While living in Quebec in mid 2000, she also taught English to business executives of some of the most respected corporations in the city. In late 2000, she continued teaching the primary grades in an international school in Nice, France. Her work experiences have only served to enhance her social and collaborative skills, responsive to all ages and social classes. Also a singer/songwriter and a poetess, she is passionate about music, as well as finding solutions to arrive at a more responsible economy, she partnered up with Olivier Fersancourt and Artists For Change was born.

photo of Ji-an & Olivier

Photo credits:  Patricio Estebar

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